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Cardiovascular Disease

cardiovascular-07 Lipid Lowering Drugs For Treatment Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Lipids are biological molecules that are soluble in organic solvents and insoluble in aqueous solution. Lipids include triglycerides and cholesterol. Cholesterol is divided into two groups: Low density protein (LDL) or bad cholesterol which causes hardening of arteries and high density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol which clears cholesterol from the arteries. The term dyslipidemia is used to describe disruption [...]

cardiovascular-11 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors

Cardiovascular risk factors There are many risk factors associated with coronary heart disease and stroke. Some risk factors such as family history, ethnicity and age, cannot be changed.  Other risk factors that can be treated or changed include tobacco exposure, high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, obesity, physical inactivity, diabetes, unhealthy diets, and harmful use of alcohol. Of particular significance [...]

cardiovascular-10 How Blood Vessel Elasticity Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Problems

In just the past two decades, researchers who study the aging heart and doctors who specialize in the care of the elderly have learned more about keeping the heart and circulatory system healthy than ever before in history. They now know that change in the function and structure of the heart occurs in every person. One vital factor in maintaining [...]

Cardiovascular Exercise

cardiovascular-17 The 6 best exercises for Cardiovascular health

Improve your cardiovascular fitness with these heart-pumping types of physical activity Circuit training Any movement is better than sitting still when it comes to improving your heart health, but one of the best types of exercises to increase your cardiovascular fitness is circuit training, says Brendan J. Fox, [...]

cardiovascular-15 Cardiovascular Exercise And Endurance Rehab Tips

Cardiovascular exercise and endurance training has a very positive effect on the body.  Why do we do it?  Well in the physical sense, you can lose weight, lower your blood pressure, improve your circulation and much more.  But not only that, mentally, it can be a time to [...]

cardiovascular-16 Tap Dancing is a Good Cardiovascular Exercise

If you want an exercise that will keep you in shape and that is good for your heart as well, consider tap dancing. The beauty of tap dancing is that the basic steps are easy to learn and you can add your own flair and touches to make [...]

cardiovascular-14 Cardiovascular Exercise – The Benefits And Types Of Training

The foundation to getting and staying in shape is a good Cardiovascular workout.  As well as its many health benefits, it is proven to help burn body fat to get that lean body most people desire.  Cardiovascular training can be any activity that keeps your heart rate elevated [...]

Cardiovascular System

cardiovascular-05 Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels

The three layers of the artery include the intima, media, and adeventia. Intima is the inner most layer that comprise the artery wall.  It is a thin wall lines that lines the artery wall with [...]

cardiovascular-03 The Circulatory System And Hemorrhoids

How the circulatory system works Gaining a basic understanding of the circulatory system is integral to understanding where hemorrhoids come from and how they work. The circulatory system feeds oxygenated blood to the entire body [...]

cardiovascular-04 What You Should Know About the Cardiovascular System

In most manuals and websites I have visited, here are some guidelines in getting the right exercise: for strength training, increase the amount of repetitions of a particular exercise, utilize advance exercise techniques if possible, [...]

cardiovascular-02 Cardiovascular System Facts

Human body consists of many organs that are useful to carry out the functions of the body properly. All organs in the body are very much essential for normal functioning of the human body. In [...]

cardiovascular-01 The Effects Of Nutrition On The Circulatory System

Our body’s circulatory system is made up of the heart, arteries, veins and capillaries. This circulatory system transports oxygen, nutrients, water and blood throughout our bodies as well as assists in the removal of waste [...]

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